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I am asking for prayers for my brother-in-law Jim. He needs all the prayers we can find. He was doing OK. They talked about him coming home in a few days. A few hours ago they took him to intensive care and he has a blood clot in his lung. Nan and the family are so afraid. Please pray for his healing. Thank you so much.

January 21

Please pray for our granddaughter Amy, almost 10 years of age, who had an accident at school when a tennis ball hit her in the eye. There are worries about bruising behind the retina and it's possible she may have to have an operation. We're praying that her eye will be safe but please, please pray that the sight in her eye will not be affected. She is so brave and has to be so careful at the moment, not to bend or make any sudden movements. It is very worrying for all of us. Please God that all will be well.
John and Marianne (Prayerlinks)

November 7

Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. In Jesus Name. Amen Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Also earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and pray and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our country's sins and heal our land. God Bless America In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

October 23

I have a neighbor, her name is Karen, she had thyroid cancer a year ago and thought she was cancer free. This week she was told she has a rare bone cancer in her lungs multiple locations. Please pray for her. Please pray she is guided to great doctors, that God lay his healing hands on her.

August 1

Please pray for Sarah, a young mother, who is suddenly having unexplained seizures - virtually on a daily basis, and often several a day. She never had anything like this before and it is terribly upsetting for the whole family. Pray that the doctors can find out what is causing them and that she will be healed - as soon as possible. Thank you and God bless you for your compassion.

May 31

Sherri Lynn
Would you please pray for my girlfriend Sherri Lynn. She is very angry with God about the death of her son and the death of her husband. We have been together a year now and she has become more and more depressed. She is also going through the beginning of menopause which has complicated her emotions and physical health. She has had a lot of darkness in her life and has been through so much. I am asking for prayer for God to restore her physically, mentally an d spiritually. That her eyes and mind and heart will return to me as they were just a few weeks ago. That God will do a great work in her and heal her and save her soul, freeing her from the enemy. I love her so very much and it hurts to see her hurt so badly. Please pray for her protection.Please pray the drinking and drugs will stop NOW in Jesus name, Please pray she will return home to the people who love her and that the darkness from her past and present will be broken off in Jesus name. Rekindle our love with fresh fire Lord.
God never gave up on me, I cannot give up on her, we all matter to God no matter our past.

May 31

Please pray to Christ for the healing of my mother Telma Ferrari as she has a brain tumor and anemia.

January 26

Please pray for Laura, 24 yrs old, a devout Catholic. She runs the Indian branch of her mother’s French company. Laura is based out of Mumbai.
Laura suffers from a rare disease which affects her adrenal glands, liver and pancreas. She suffered an allergic attack in Mumbai recently, which she refused to take medical treatment for, due to too much work. Unfortunately, it triggered her medical condition, and she was forced to return to her parental home in Laval, France, on the 16th of December 2015, for medical treatment. The treatment will last several months, but its effectiveness cannot be gauged till 2 months have passed.
Her moral strength has plummeted, as she so desperately wants to return to Mumbai and her work. She considers India her home and feels forcibly torn away. She refuses to believe she can heal, despite firm assurances from her doctors and her family.
Thanking you,
New Delhi

January 10

Please pray for my daughter, Jamie. She is having some unexplained eye problems. And will be seeing a specialist. Please pray she finds a doctor that can answer all her questions. Please pray that God heals her eyes and put her mind at ease.

January 6

It is just three weeks since my total knee replacement Everything has gone near perfectly until today when I got a pain in my calf.
Hope you might pray it is not a blood clot

September 15

Please pray for me. I have to get some biopsies on 6 nodules on my thyroid tomorrow and I need prayer and a lot of it. This is driving me nuts - I haven't had a biopsy, scary words, for 23yrs when they found the lump in my breast. Thank you so much for your prayers.

August 9

Please, pray for the healing of my stomach problems, my insomnia and the return of my appetite.

July 29

Please pray for Al. There is so much going on in my life, my husband is afflicted with an illness or something as of now undiagnosed. He has been dealing with a tremor and seeing a neurologist for several years. It could be early onset PD or something else. Either way I am handling it in the only way I know how. I look to God with His angels and saints. Sometimes I feel I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. My prayers get me through. Thank you so much for your prayers.

January 27

Dear Prayerlinks, thank you for being here.
I have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety and it has resulted in me not being able to sleep. I have been taking over counter sleeping tablets. Although my body may switch off my mind is alert. The panic attacks, stress and anxiety are due to personal family circumstances which are broken and I believe are beyond repair. I would like to believe that change can happen but I need a good night's sleep and rest. I am asking that God would send support and hold me in the palm of his hand. Maybe to show me how to release the situation to him and let go. I know I can only ask for God to do something dramatic and it is up to God how he acts, but I am asking for the beyond amazing for God to do. That also when my head hit the pillow I can sleep all the way through.
For clear direction concerning my marriage as at present it is very fragile.
It seems a lot but I cannot remain stuck in life.
Thank you

January 8

My son, James has been through emotional and physical hell in the last few years due to a work injury. He has a chance for a new and better employment. I pray for that many great things come his way now.

January 8

Eugene and Larisa
UPDATE: Eugene has retired - thank God. Please keep praying for him and for his wife Larisa - for health.

My dearest and closest friend, Eugene, who lives in Russia (in a Chernobyl-affected area) has health (mainly to do with his heart) problems .. ongoing really. He works too hard ...has been known to work 18 hours a day (just after coming out of hospital!)..... please pray for him to slow down a bit and take care of himself.......please pray hard for him. Pray also for Larisa, his wife, who also has some health problems ... they are wonderful people. Thank you so much and God bless you.
Marianne, Prayerlinks Internet Ministry


Dianne and Curtis
Suffering with fibromyalgia and degeneration of spine. In constant chronic pain. Please pray for healing for this lovely lady. Also for her husband Curtis who also has health problems.
Thank you and God bless you.


Don and Linda
I have one wish for Christmas. Let all the words within the family that have been uttered be forgotten, a daughter coming to talk and let me hug her forever, our family to become stronger in love, and each of us being right there for the other.
My hubby is worried of what will happen to me if something takes him from me. You know what, I'm worried too. God, I've been Blessed in so many ways. Show me how to survive if you take Don from me...PLEASE don't. Amen.

December 12

Was prescribed medication that I have had extreme withdrawal from - the most horrifying, constant mental & physical side effects for over 6 weeks and they are getting worse. Please pray God will end this torture, heal me & give me what I need to get through this.

November 29


UPDATE: Thank you for your posting and prayers for Sid. He passed away today and all I ask is that his family gets through this knowing there is a higher purpose for him. And at this time of year, they needed him more than we do.

November 12

I just found out a co worker of mine was found on the floor this weekend. We don't know what happened. His mother found him. Apparently he was without oxygen for 15-20 minutes. He is in a coma. And it looks like tomorrow they will pull the plug. Please send prayers for him and his mother. He is only around 40 and had alot to look forward to. His mother loves him dearly and with finding him, has had to be sedated. Please ease their suffering and pain. I hope this prayer gets to those ears up above. Thank you,

November 11

Kirsten and her Twin Babies
I'm in need of urgent prayers for two babies and their mon ---- please pray for Kirsten and her twin babies, they were born 5 1/2 weeks early, c-section, mom's blood pressure is too high and doctors are having a hard time getting it down.
Please pray for Kirsten and her twin babies, that they will all be ok and will all get to go home soon together. That Kirsten will recieve the help and support she needs. God, You gave her these babies, please lay Your healing hands on her and the babies and protect them. God, please watch over her other child while she is away from him. That she will be back home with him soon too. God, You know how much she loves her other child.

August 28

Dear Friends,
Just a few minutes ago I received the following text message on my phone from Sean Malone who leads Crisis Relief International (CRI). We then spoke briefly on the phone and I assured him that we would share this urgent prayer need with all of our contacts.
"We lost the city of Queragosh (Qaraqosh). It fell to ISIS and they are beheading children systematically. This is the city we have been smuggling food too. ISIS has pushed back Peshmerga (Kurdish forces) and is within 10 minutes of where our CRI team is working. Thousands more fled into the city of Erbil last night. The UN evacuated it's staff in Erbil. Our team is unmoved and will stay. Prayer cover needed!"
Please pray sincerely for the deliverance of the people of Northern Iraq from the terrible advancement of ISIS and its extreme Islamic goals for mass conversion or death for Christians across this region.

August 28

Please pray for my dear friend Mabel, in New Zealand. She is such a lovely lady who is having serious problems with her breathing, and also very swollen legs. All prayers for her will be very much appreciated. Thank you and God bless you.
Marianne (Prayerlinks)

August 27

I need prayers for my daughter in-law - she is having a cone biopsy on the 28th of this month she may need an operation; her name is Natasha.
Thank you so much.

August 27

I have been praying for my marriage non stop for 4 weeks since my husband first spoke of divorce I have asked God to forgive my sins I have done everything I know to do But it seems the more I pray , fast, sew seeds of faith etc...the meaner he gets please pray with me that Our Father God Almighty will soften his heart and make him see that our family means more than being single, partying and other women please show him how bad he is hurting his children please give me strength and peace please take away all his anger and pride and replace it with love in Please ask our Father In heaven to please engulf my husband with the holy Spirit so he can make the
right choices In Jesus name I pray Amen

August 26

I would like you to pray for Kashiefa O. who is very sick in hospital. She is in Cape Town South Africa.
She was admitted a month back to hospital and is still there.
She has diabetes which does not stay constant, she had a pimple on her foot which got to a sore at the end and it is not healing,
now she has water on her lungs, there is pipes in her lungs that is draining the water and now her kidneys and heart is getting weak.
Please pray for her to get healed in the Mighty name of Jesus
Thank you

Auust 8

Mary Ann
I had submitted a prayer request for my mom, Mary Ann a while back. I am happy to say she is cancer free. Praise the Lord! Thank you for the prayers! God bless you!

August 5

Urgent prayers needed for Brody - a friend of my grand daughter, was in a serious accident in Arlinton and is fighting for his life. Please keep my grand daughter, and Brody's friends in your prayers too. Please pray for his family - especially his father - his father heard on scanner, went to the wreck only to find out that it was his son - car cut in half - so father in great need of prayer too.

August 5

Sandi S. is a personal friend and a person of deep faith.
Two weeks ago Thursday (7/31) Sandi's room and the one next door were
found again to have bedbugs. The bugs have been a major problem for over a year. About 3 months ago, Terminix was able to kill them throughout the
The second administrator, Anna, led the removal of clothing, furniture, papers, and any other potential hiding place before the local maintenance man sprayed again. The new top administrator has kept herself on the sidelines and has not participated in any of the bed bug eradication efforts.
Anna was allegedly removing all clothing to wash everything again. The laundry was never returned to Sandi. Anna kept clothing from me as well as books and bookcases when my room was a target.
Anna is hiding the clothes, important papers in a file, and clothes of Sandi's deceased husband. A friend on the outside receive a call from Sandi's daughter and bought new clothing for Sandi.
Anna continues to maintain that all of Sandi's clothes, papers, and husband's clothing have been LOST. Most of you know that part of this facility is a third floor. But most residents live on the first and second floors. We are not a 22 story Marriott. Therefore, we find Anna's protest to be insulting. Several of us have experienced the "hostage taking" before. No one's belongings were permanently lost in earlier episodes.
The ombudsman was contacted and was able to offer little real help. We are super tired of Anna's "taking hostage" tactics. Sandi will have some personal
help from a daughter and son-in-law around Aug. 8
While we certainly need your prayer support, we also need to find a workable action plan for Sandi. If another property with several bedrooms can be found, there would be several who would move with Sandi in support of her case.
We are open to suggestions on how to overcome this intimidation tactic.

August 1

Please pray to resolve my son's WC case in the next few months. It's been over 20 months of pain and suffering and no one should have to deal with that. I pray for healing body and mind.

June 28

Prayers for daughter
I'm in need of a prayer for my daughter------- Please pray for my daughter, as she starts a new journey in life. She relocated in hopes of having her own family. She's having a hard time finding work. I'm praying that she finds a job she will enjoy. That being a step mom to two tweens will be rewarding to them as well as her. And that maybe after so many years single she has met her soul mate. God you know what she needs, when the time is right please let her know that that door is open. |

June 23

Ana Rose
Please add me to your prayer list. I am suffering from an addiction that I cannot even speak of. I am working on my own to cure myself as I am a Medical Doctor. Everyday I go to work & every night I come home I ask God to guide me & I thank him for allowing me the honor of caring for his children. However, I cannot wait to be free of this disease. It is a financial & emotional burden on myself & my loved ones. (the few that know.) Thank you for taking the time to hear my request. I am a true believer & I was once part of an intercessory prayer group. Please, I really need help & I am very afraid.
God Bless you.
Ana Rose.

June 15

Kelly, Steve and Family
Dear prayer partners, Kelly Knight is a devout Christian and is a very good friend of mine. I met her about 9 or 10 years ago when
I tutored her daughter, Ashley. I just received a call from Kelly. Steve, her husband, and she were riding their motorcycle, which is a frequent weekend good time for them, have been in an accident. Kelly's facial bones are fractured in four places. Steve's
injuries were less severe. The accident has left her with major swelling and bruising. Even the back of neck is black.
No fracture broke through the skin, so Kelly is to rest while the pieces of bone naturally knit back together
Kelly is one of the most devout Christians I have ever met. Her early morning prayer times may be endangered schedule wise, but her devotion will remain vigorous. Please pray for her two adult children and their families.
Usually each week had a place(s) for them with Kelly.
Thanks to each of you,

June 2

UPDATE: The operation went well. The head doctor said they did all that they could do. The operation lasted for 7 hours.
Recovery room was about 3 hours. Bea, a very close friend, who was the closest friend/relative, who was able to stay with Karen,
said it was very clear that the Lord guided the whole procedure. There was an immediate cessation of the
pain Karen has endured for many years. Karen is to be in the hospital for two days; then she
will be sent to rehab. There is no word as far as how long Karen will need t be in rehab. Great thanks to each of you. Please continue to kee Karen in your prayers for the whole rehab period. I will provide updates when I receive them.


May 22

Karen S. is a fellow resident. She has multiple conditions; at least one has put her into a wheel chair or on crutches.
I am not remembering all the details she shared. Either since birth or shortly thereafter she had to live with organs and skeleton being in unusual and difficult places. For a long time she was unable to find a doctor who would
even consider a procedure for some realignment. Now, after years of searching and years of seeking her insurer's coverage,
she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.
Karen is a delightful, kind, sweet person and a Christian who did not allow circumstances to push her into total, ongoing bitterness.

May 20

I'm in my 50s use a walker to get around. I want to walk with out the walker so I can go on with my life. I have to month to move. I need to find a place to Live and I can Afford it. I have Real bad Anxiety panic attack depression and loneliness. Praying for restoration my relationship with my girlfriend to get us get back together again she's my true love. And restoration myof health and miracle. I get dizzy shaky and lose my balance and I fall.
Please say a prayer for my cat. Her name is Agatha. She's around 12 years old. I want her to be Healthy. And still be around. She is all I have. Thank you.

May 18

My daughter Jamie is at the ER. Doctors running tests to rule out stroke/heart attack. Please pray they find what is wrong and get her on the road to recovery. Please pray for her daughter, she has enough worries about graduation, with out having to worry about her mom.

April 19

Mary Ann
Hi! I was wondering if you could please add my mom, Mary Ann to your prayer list/chain. She has been diagnosed with leukemia. She is taking chemo for it. After the first round they didn't find any cancer in her bone marrow. But she still needs prayers for healing, strength, peace, comfort, energy, an appetite, restful sleep. Also, protection over her immune system & eyesight and her blood pressure to be in the normal range!
Thank you so much! God bless you! You are in my prayers as well!
Thank you again,

April 4

Please pray for me to have a clear and sharp mind. Please pray for me to have much success and a long and stable employment. Please pray for me to have equality and respect from my boss. I pray for health, strength, protection and harmony.

March 28

Suddenly, the corporate parent of my present Assisted Living is trying to bill me for over $2,600 in "rent-still-due." This first ever claim is for alleged under payments in 2010 and 2011. I have some extra curiosity due since the present administration has shared that another company wants to buy this facility and is busy completing their due diligence.
I will be investigating legal options starting tomorrow. I am searching for a room to rent, shower, with or without kitchen privileges. Since I have no car, parking is not an issue. If possible, I would like to be near a bus
I will be contacting two Catholic schools to see if they would like any of my last school supplies. If you know any Catholic family who would appreciate math materials, please share my email address with them and ask that they put SCHOOL SUPPLIES in the subject bar.
(send any replies to Linda to I am hoping to move in about a week, so if you have any possibilities in mind, please reply quickly. If there was a clear
indication about return to the Midwest (but no relatives), I am even ready for that type of move.
Thank you very much,

March 28

Prayers Needed for a Family
Yesterday we received a very sad phone call from Tom D., our automobile mechanic. - - His 21 year old son, Tom Jr., committed suicide.
Tonight we will be going to the wake and I’ve printed a list of comforting Scripture verses, which I’ll enclose in a Mass card, to give to his wife, Karen. They also have one daughter.
They’re going to be needing much prayer to get through this senseless tragedy…

March 20

Urgent Requests
I need prayers in the most desperate way. My Niece has cancer. She is in Hospice. Please Please. I have a Sister, who needs a Kidney transplant. And I have another Friend, whose Sister is dying of Cancer, also. All of them love life, but they never had the chance to be free of ill health to truly enjoy it. And now they are facing death. I would give my life for their lives if I could, for either one of them. If you have a moment, please try and help me to help those I love. God Bless.

March 19

Roderick M.
I'm back asking for more prayers to be said for my brother, Roderick M. His cancer is back in full swing, doctors aren't giving much hope...he is VERY sick. I'm just praying that he won't need to suffer, he is such a good person. This is so hard for me to write, I just can't believe it as he has gone down hill so fast, not eating which isn't good.
Thank you all for your prayers, you'll never know how much I appreciate this.
Rock's loving sister Kathleen

March 4

I'm back again asking prayers for my younger brother, John who has prostate cancer. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers along with my brother Roderick. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Loving sister, Kathleen

March 4

Please pray for me, my cancer treatments have stopped working, and I am being sent to other hospitals for possible treatments, since my hospital has no more treatments to offer me. Pray with me that a hospital will take me in, and the out come will continue.

February 25

For Tina's Mom and Dad
Please join me in prayer for my mom Doris P's heart surgery tomorrow and my dad's March 4

February 20

Urgent prayers needed for my brother Roderick M. He has been very sick for over a month and so far the doctors can't seem to put their fingers on it. Please pray for his healing...Thank You!

Februaru 3

Please pray for the restoration of the relationship I have with the woman that I so deeply love. She is the only person I have a connection to on so many levels. We steadily dated at 17, and married 18. I have loved her for 45 years and been married to her for just over 44 years.
I would do anything for her and it grieves me that we have drifted apart (actually that she has drifted away, my love has always stayed strong and sure) - to the point where she says she no longer loves me.
Thank you...

January 1

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Please join me, my family, relatives, and friends and let’s pray for my brother William (Piro), a Pentecostal pastor, my sister in law, Zoraida, my nephew, Orlando, my niece, Glenda, and the rest of their family. Pray for Jesus protection, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. Because Joel, a neighbor, drug dealer, drug user, gang member, a former state prisoner threaten to kill William, Zoraida, Orlando and the rest of their family. Joel treat hen them, pulled a gun, and indicated his intention to kill them. Joel has been involving in shooting and possible murders. He has been in prison several times. William, Zoraida, Orlando, and Glenda know Joel and his family since he was born. William and his family including me know their family for years. We never had this situation. Joel thinks and believes that he is the king of the community and the head of a drug carter . Joel needs complete deliverance from drugs, alcohol, criminal activities, gangs, disrespect of Jesus word, relatives, friends, and law, inappropriate behaviors against others, etc. Joel needs an encounter with Jesus, to repent of his sins, accept Jesus and serve him. Pray that Jesus minister to him, his family, mother Lourdes, and brothers thru his Holy Spirit, Christians, friends, neighbors, all communication methods (radio, TV, internet, etc.). Pray that the Holy Spirit convince Joel of his sins, the need of repent, seek, accept, obey, and trust Jesus. Thanks and God bless you. Flor

December 31

There is a true story about a man who had a very disabled son who was confined to a wheel chair .The nan ran in marathons and one day he pushed his son in the wheel chair in the race when the got home the son said dad today when you wee pushing me in thet race for the first time i did not feel handicapped.Well that did it every race the father pushed the son even in the iron man where they swim and bycyle he made his way for his son to ride along.In a very special way it is the same for me i am homeless right now but when i write you these prayer requests i dont feel homeless so thank for being my friend and Merry Christmas
brother Dannny
p.s needless to say i need your prayer more than ever.

December 14

Asking prayers for Noah, age 8, who diagnosed with tumor and will now see an oncologist.


Linda F
Praise Report…
I want to personally thank you for all your prayers. I have finished my Masters. I am ready for the next chapter in my life. I will start my certification program next year. I am starting my consecration early. I am really looking forward to spending quite time alone with God, in His Word, with one agenda, (and it is not homework), just to be in His presence, seeking His face, and soaking in God’s love.
God is Love and loves speaks to the depths of our soul. The deepest ache of our soul is the spiritual longing for connection and intimate communion with God. It is in God’s love alone we find our deepest fulfillment. Our identity should rest in knowing that we are deeply loved and accepted by God. God is head-over-hills in love with us. I am so looking forward to pursuing more of God.
Encourager Linda F

Decembe 14

We have started building the 2 ND floor of the house. Pray for Gods guidance/protection and blessings to complete the project. There is an issue with regard to the blind wall, let God’s help and guidance come upon that matter .
I have further 1 month for my confirmation (new promotion) Pray for Gods guidance/protection and blessings to do my job.
Pray for good health for my daughter, my wife and my self
My daughter starting school next January .let her start journey with the protection of the god .give graces to study well and find some good friends.
Pray for our weakness and addictions
Pray for my sisters two children’s for good health.(they often get sick -6 months and 7 years)
Pray for my two sisters and my wife’s two sisters for their future
You all in my daily prayers .thank you

December 14

Ms. Linda
My Dear Prayer Partner,
This is my last week of school. Pray that God gives me favor with the Professors, those who grade my papers, and that God blesses me with a great Job!
Thank YOU & God Bless!
Ms. Linda

December 10

Noeline, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Please pray for this wonderful woman who spends all her spare time and money helping people and animals. She has managed over the past couple of years to send 3 ambulances and a tractor to a mission in Ghana, plus clothes, schoolbooks, she has raised money for a borehole to supply 4 villages with clean water, and she supports Ghanaian orphans, Moldovian orphans, and she single-handedly runs Mayo Animal Welfare, rescuing and caring for anything with fur, feathers, flippers, shells or whatever!! Please keep her in your prayers. She has many ongoing health problems. Please pray that all will be well so she may continue her great work. Thanks and God bless you.


Marie G. and Son
Dear Team
My son and I have become very ill living next to a neighbour, Richard, who is involved in serious criminal activities and we do not have the funding to leave.
Please pray for healing for my son's long term illness. My son has had a positive result from his recent tests we sent overseas. My son needs several other very expensive tests as soon as possible to find the right direction and health care needed for him to regain his health.
Please continue to plead the blood of Jesus over all the stress, illegal/criminal activities of Richard the neighbour that has brought such a down hill slide over my son's health. Pray for God to clean my son's blood from all contaminants thru Richard's activities.
Please call out to God for mercy for me re my health and all of Richard's acts against me. Please pray for deep healing of all emotional, mental and physical health effects on my body as a result of living next to Richard and the works of those associated with him.
Please continue to pray for a blood of Jesus shield around us both, for a strong healing of our immune system, and for my mobility. I am still struggling to walk any distance and getting up from sitting is still a struggle. Pray for strength to remain on my diet.
Pray for provision so that we can move to a place that is safe and secure, for God to show us the way. For provision for all medical/health costs, moving costs.
Thank you and God bless
Marie G.

December 9

Please pray for healing for Oisin, who is presently in London. He is just 19 years old and is seriously ill with a brain tumour. He has had chemotherapy and is on radium treatment. Please, Lord, heal this young man.


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Please join me and Paul's wife (Shan), his three sons, step daughter, fellow co-workers and other in prayers for Paul. He is a friend and fellow co-worker ill with throat cancer. Paul went thru a chemotherapy session and then to surgery about a month ago. However, Paul's doctors told Shan, his wife, that Paul cancer is terminal and that is going from the Hospital to an hospice to die. Please pray for both as the Holy Spirit leads you! Thanks and God bless you!

November 22

I just talked to mom on phone. She's been up all night with HORRIBLE pain! her blood pressure has been very high because of the pain and the last time she had this much pain she had a heart attack about 4 months ago. Mom said her pain is "A 10" mom never complains but the pain is so severe!! Nothing is helping
Please GOD I am calling out to you! Take her severe pain! She cannot take pain meds. Prescription or over the counter because of allergies/sensitivity to them. Mom has had really bad pain for about 6 weeks now but worse the past week.
She needs you Jesus! Make the back, hip and leg pain go away. Bring her permanent relief. Heal her spine in Jesus mighty name! Please Lord let the doctor listen and not be so insistent/pushy. You know the details Lord. He has been forceful with mom and me and pushes medications etc that are not safe and not right for us.
Help us Lord. The enemy is really attacking so much lately and its so hard to go on every day. Cover us with your blood. Your word says "by Jesus stripes you are healed" your word can't return void! Not sure how much more we can take God! I sleep in a chair. Am in pain daily and not sleeping well. My auto immune and endocrine system have been affected and I have degenerative disc disease similar to my mom. My stomach always hurts. Hashimoto's thryoiditis, CFS, LGS, fibromyalgia, etc.
Help my deam mom Jesus. She loves you so much. Heal her, my dad, my brothers, Madison and me in Jesus name! almost 7 years i've been battling health and financial problems. MUCH worse the past 2 years. I want to work again. I want to pay off the medical and other bills Lord. I dont want to be living on small fixed income. Send me financial blessings soon Father before I lose my home or have utilities turned off again.
I really need friends, a godly wife and money soon. So tired of being alone all the time and overwhelmed with everything. I've tried churches, but have been shunned. I reach out to others and they only know me when they want a favor or me to do something for them. Last church the pastor lied to me and turned his back when mom had her heart attack and when I had surgery.
Mostly I pray for quick, permanent healing for my dear parents, brothers, their marriages and the healing of my dogs and me. Heal Madison of the daily fever, the pain, inflammation and weakness. Make her well again Lord. Please. Heal her body and mind. Keep B&B healthy too Lord
Bless the dear souls reading this and praying for us Lord. Bless and protect our nation. Forgive our sins Lord.
I ask in Jesus holy name. Amen
Brian L

November 21

Thanks for your prayer support - Kindly pray for.

Avio will be hospitalised on 16th nov and will be operated on 18th nove in the brain for Cysts.
Elais & D, A elderly married couple suffering from depression
A person awaiting Visa
Three who are looking for a good job
Spiritual success of programme with youth many hurdles in the way.
Kindly also pray for Malaika Sanyato Leana. fidel sujith, Helen, rose, Jessy, a person who has undergone kidney replacement surgery. for Good health
For peace amongst two larger Groups of people
For blessings in my family and my endeavours
Praise God !

November 16

Hi my brothers and sisters only if you have a time please say a prayer for me - i am homeless - i believe in the last days it was always rough but now it is no joke. GOD richly bless you
brother Danny

November 13

For Jesus sake could you please pray for Mufide and her family and all their religious vocations and for all her special intentions and for her mother Nedime and all her children and dear ones, for God's will in their lifes and for their protection by and consecration to the blood of Jesus. God Bless.

November 12

I have a special request for a young man about 12 years old by the name of Noah. He has Mar fans Syndrome, Seizures, Asthma, Visual Impairment, Autism, Tetralogy of Fallout and has Hypertrophy Heart. His mom tells me they have no insurance for Noah. Your prayers are greatly needed. I have the impression these are Christian parents doing the best they can to over come these heartaches with one of their children.
Thank You,

Novembr 8

I have further 3 months for my confirmation (new promotion) Pray for God's guidance/protection and blessings to do my job.
Pray for good health for my daughter, my wife and my self
Continuously keep my wife, my daughter and myself in your prayers because really we live by god’s grace.
Pray for our weakness and addictions
Pray for my sisters two children’s for good health.(they often get sick -6 months and 7 years)
Pray for my two sisters and my wife’s two sisters for their future

November 8

Hi my brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me that i will be strengthend by GOD to fight the good fight of faith! GOD richly bless you
brother danny

Novemer 1

Uwe's Father
For Uwe's and Marietta's father/father-in-law. He is very ill and now in a wheelchair. Cannot eat or swallow and has to be fed through a tube. He is in a care home at the moment, and the care is not very good. Praying that he will improve and perhaps be able to be moved to a place where he will receive the best care.


Pray my wife’s brother. He is not seriously continuing in one job - he resigned from his last job in January and up to now with a job.
We have started building the 2ND floor of the house. Pray for God's guidance/protection and blessings to complete the project.
I have further 3 months for my confirmation (new promotion) Pray for God's guidance/protection and blessings to do my job.
Pray for good health for my daughter, my wife and myself
Continuously keep my wife, my daughter and myself in your prayers because really we live by god’s grace.
Pray for our weakness and addictions
Pray for my siste'rs two children’s for good health.(they often get sick -6 months and 7 years)
Pray for my two sisters and my wife’s two sisters for their future
My neighbor met with an accident and seriously wounded. Pray for her
Pray for Amila, my friend’s 2nd child
You all in my daily prayers. thank you

October 30

Kindly pray for Avio in early thirties – diagnosed with cysts in brain will have to undergo surgery this week or coming week. Kindly pray for good health and success of surgery.
Also Leana – Complications in health.
For blessings in my family and my endeavours.


Madeleine McCann
Dear Jesus, please help find Madeleine McCann, who was abducted from Portugal in 2007. Her parents are ceaseless in their efforts to find Madeleine, but need to feel Your love to find the courage to face each day. Please, Lord, give them peace and comfort - it's been so long.


Through our trading company Little Oak International,we have launched an artificial fishing flies export business to overseas markets including USA,Canada,UK,Australia among others.Please pray that God will grant us divine favor with customers/importers/buyers and potential business partners and that we shall experience prosperity in this business venture. God bless you!

October 27

Danny and Jeanne
Hi my brothers and sisters just asking special prayer this week to get past Halloween in NYC if i have to ride the subway to stay warm it is even more dangerous and also a very good friend of mine sister Jeanne hurt her back and needs prayer for healing. GOD richly bless you brother Danny

October 27

Heavenly father I am mentally & physically completely crushed, help me. If it is Your WILL throw fire on my cruel husband’s adulterous relationship. Have mercy on me restore & SAVE my marriage. SEND your angels to protect me & my daughter from all evil. Father bring peace, joy & love in our lives. Waiting for Your answer with a rolling tears on my knee since 2 ½ years. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

October 25

Thanks for your prayer support
Kindly pray for Lucy 85 years - On the ventilator- that God's will be done.
Please pray for Alice, Anthea, Andrea, Anisha, Lawrence, Denzil, Jessie to be delivered from the Problem they are in at present. May God's & Protection peace reign in their house.
Please pray for Victor - sick
For peace in two larger groups of people.
For a person to get visa
Kindly pray for God's protection for me and my family and blessings in all my endeavours.

October 18

Dear Healing Team
Please pray for my family's health. Pray for my son's on going health issues. Up to the beginning of this year my son's health had quietly improved and the number of daily supplements had slowly gone down. His energy had not gone up much but his health had started to even out.
Richard the neighbour is continuing his illegal/criminal activities against us, and he has brought in a large number of people to support him in his endeavours.
Richard continues to wake us every hour, and his activities put our lives at risk.
The stress of dealing with Richard has caused a major set back both for my son and myself, the chronic lack of sleep, unable to live a normal life, and concern for our safety.
Please pray for a deep healing of our mental health, especially anxiety and depression, poor gut function, lack of energy, poor mobility, and provision to get out of here. Pray for protection over all serious health implications for us and a way out.
There shall be no drowning or sinking of your finances or your health, And the references are 2 Kings 6:5-6
and Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.
These 2 scriptures are giving me hope - as both my health and my finances need God today.
Thank you very much and God bless you all

January 16

Dear Friends...Please pray that my son, Shawn W. won't lose his job, they are hiring outside people to take over his position, pray that they'll find something else for him to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. His anxiety and panic attacks have really hit him over this, pray too that they will lessen.
His Mom

October 9

Thanks for your prayer support.
Kindly pray for these Sick – Helen, Robin, Victor, Sujith, Rosie, Denzil
For Sujith to get a visa - submitting his papers today.
For Peace in between two larger groups.
For Peace between 2 married couples.
Do keep me and my family in your prayers and for protection.

October 9

Ms Linda
Please pray God's protection over me and my home. Please Pray that God will give me favor with my Professor! Pray I will do well on my next two papers and test.
Thank You & God Bless,
Ms. Linda

October 1

Please pray for the following Cool weather in Santa Barbara, Emergency Health to KM from flu – Dev to evolve out of hate/drop all trump up charges towards Trish heal his mind to drop the case-heal Trish from all his attacks-Weight-loss for KM & LC loving mates as soon as possible they are depressed due to lack of attention –joy & happiness for them both. Bless you all

October 1

Jason, Robin and Family
God and Jesus, I (Robin) request in prayer to get my marriage back with Jason and that we are reunited together as a family with our 2 sons Anthony and Austin soon. Please God and Jesus and prayer warriors, I need your help with this and a great favor in making this happen. I will never take Jason and my family for granted again and I will work at it everyday for the rest of my life to make sure they feel my love and devotion to them. I pray that Jason gives me and us a second chance. God, please soften Jason's heart, mind and doubt about me and us. I hope that I'm back home in Oklahoma by the holidays reunited as a family. Holidays are known for MIRACLES, and I pray that I'm one who gets mine answered, amen. Thank you all for praying on my behalf. God Bless you all.

October 1

Hi my brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me that i would receive an extra potion of GOD'S grace and provision homeless at 67 in NYC and last night it was 48 degrees that does not usually arrive until late October so it is hard right now. GOD richly bless you
brother Danny

September 23

I (Robin) pray to God that I get my marriage back soon with Jason and that we are reunited as a family with our 2 sons soon, amen.
Thank you for your prayers. God bless you all.

September 23

I'm asking prayer for my son in laws father. His name is John Shaw Sr. He found out a few weeks ago he has cancer and it was already in the 4th stage. Its already pretty much spread to all the vital organs. This morning I received an e-mail stating he hasn't eaten anything in the past two days. John and his wife have a set of twins ( 7 years old ) and two older daughters still at home. Prayers are much needed for this family. No insurance, now no income ( wife just got laid off ). We plan to hold a benefit for them next month to help off set their expenses. I also ask for your prayers for this benefit to meet a lot of their needs. They don't live a Christian type life style so please agree with me in prayer that I may be able to say something to them that will lead them to becoming Christians. Thanks,

September 21

Kindly pray for the good health of sujith - suffering from liver problems and nelson form stomach ailments from quite some time.
Please also pray for sujith to get the required visa.
for peace amongst two larger groups of people
Pray for blessings in my endeavours and for my family

September 16

Dear Healing Team

Please pray for my families health. Pray for my son's ongoing health issues. Up to the beginning of this year my son's health had quietly improved and the number of daily supplements had slowly gone down. His energy had not gone up much but his health had started to even out.
At the beginning of this year an elderly neighbour moved out of his home into care and mid year passed away. The son about 40 years old (Richard) moved into his parents home in January.. From day one, Richard has displayed very difficult behaviour, up all night, slams heavy metal gates, next to our house, constantly interferes with the neighbours dog which is housed up against my bedroom, and probably involved in illegal behaviour putting our lives at great risk.
The stress of dealing with a person involved in such behaviours has caused a major set back both for my son and myself, the chronic lack of sleep, almost every night never sleeping longer than an hour at any time, and Richard's criminal activities against us, which he then brought in the community around us has made our lives very difficult.
Please pray for a deep healing of our mental health, especially anxiety and depression, poor gut function, lack of energy, my mobility is now concerning again, and provision to get out of here. - with God's direction. Pray for protection over all serious health implications for us and a way out.
Thank you very much and God bless you all.

September 15

Please surround the following with intense love & light heal poor behavior + as needed I know the holy spirit understands what is needed to help them all be wonderfully loving and supportive people: Sophia, Bodey, Jason, Bryce, Bruce, Alan, Abbey, Carrie, Jessica’s mother, Reggie, Tonia, Pablo, Jessica, Firestone Family, A.S. & Family, Patricia & Family, KM, LC, Marta & Family, town Santa Barbara, Sarah, Jason, John, Christy, Tami, Gil, town of Goleta, Spectrum Realty– Bless You

August 30

pls pls pray that our lord blesses my husband vinod with plenty and plenty of business work to do. pls pray that we come out of our financial problems. pls keep my family in your daily prayers. thankyou.

August 28

Please please pray the God will quickly intervene in the issue with myself (Alyson), and my 14 yr old daughter (Alanna). Please pray He restores our relationship and protects it from negative outside influences, and that a positive bond of love and trust will grow with she and Stephen as well. Pray that He quickly shows her the error of her ways, and gives me the words to say to get my daughter to come home tomorrow. Please help me. Please and thank you.

August 24

Surround Dick (80yrs) with intense healing from 5 Root Canals done at same time, his face swelled up it closed his eye – Kim was threatening her step son Paul, Allen his father could care less, Brandon (Kim’s son) bully’s others & step brother Paul is blamed for it, not normal bullying sexual in nature, nasty/frightening Kim won’t believe that Brandon is doing it – Protection for Paul & his brother David –Clarity for Kim & Allen love for Paul & David – Abundance/Love/Positive Atmosphere in the Work Please for K.M. – Healing for Tonia/Pablo healthy marriage

August 24

Hi my brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me - when you are homeless the summer is a time for getting your strength back which you will need to survive the coming winter but as of early August the temp at night is 60 degrees - you give away all your winter clothes so now it's hard . GOD richly bless you
brother Danny

August 20

Dear fellow Saints, I and my family are under tremendous satanic assault Spiritual, Physical & Financialand in need of Miraculous Breakthrough in the workplace and our homes / neighborhoods. Please pray for divine intervention for Mark Jr., Armatha (the mom / great grandma), Shashi, Beverly Ann, Glen, Pearl, Sadia, Vashon, Lateef , Kirsten, Imani, Joshua & Angelic. My Son Mark Jr. & I will in N.Y. in 9/9 Through 10/1 to check on their welfare.

Please also pray for GOD's favor at Action Figures By Carter which is our family web business as we are in need of sales to keep going, and that doors would be open by GODs hand in The Great Name Of Jesus our Lord & King.
I speak His favor on each of you as well.
Blessed Be God.
Your Brother In Christ,

August 13

A Short Prayer Request...
Let’s Pray: God bless Ms. Linda to make an A+ on her last two tests and “ALL” her papers she has to write through Faith, Prayer, and Works unto You Lord Jesus. God bless and encourage her in her studies. Bless her with excellent health. Give her peace and understanding. Let her know it is all going to be worth it. Everything is going to be alright. You have a plan. Give her understanding. Encourage Ms. Linda to do all things as an act of worship unto YOU!!! Amen!

August 5

Monica's mom and Caol's mom
My mom, age 89, is really suffering with so much pain. It is breaking my heart so much. My friend, Carol's mother is also suffering in much the same way. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for them.

July 30

Urgent Request
Request you for prayers for myself

July 30

Wake up K.M.’s soul mate remove all self-deprecating thoughts replace it with intense joy – Heal Linda’s knee and her bone muscle and heal her overall health Heal her relationship with her daughter – Prosperity /weight loss / Joy /teeth for KM & LC – Cool weather for SB as soon as possible – Heal Sam and pull him away from Patricia and heal her from all his abuse

July 24

For a friend who is a priest
A priest friend, and a remarkable and loving human being, has been going through many dark days and great trials for some years now. Please pray with us that God will clearly direct him in the path which God has set out for him. May the Lord enter into his mind, heart, body, soul and spirit; give him courage, strength, consolation, peace of mind, and surround him always with His love, light and healing. Amen.



Madeleine McCann .... this four-year-old girl was abducted from her room on May 3 2007 in the Algarve, Portugal while on holiday with her parents .... please storm heaven for her safe return! Despite a massive operation by the police in Portugal, there is still no news. Please, please pray that she will be returned unharmed to her distraught family.

May 8 2007


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